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At MonarkSports, our team custom creates wall and floor padding for indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Each of our wall pads is custom designed and crafted under one roof in our Iowa headquarters. Each of our wall padding solutions can be fitted to work for the walls of gyms, as well as corners, doors, columns, stages, and more. The best part? We have the capabilities to include your school or organization’s most well-known branded images to help your stand out from your rivals. Here, our experts at MonarkSports will discuss our gym padding solutions and graphics and how they can benefit your organization.



Before we install your gym wall padding, we may first come to your facility to get exact measurements and take in each obstacle we will need to have accommodations for. However, depending on your location, we may request you send the specifications to us along with clear images. After we have the specifications we need for your gym pads, we will  begin designing your products.

We handcraft every single product we make! Each of our products are then thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our safety standards. We are dedicated to customer safety, and for that reason, we have done multiple independent studies to find the types of foam and foam widths that work best for safety. We will incorporate these into your products, so your athletes stay safe.

Each of our wall pads are easy to maintain. Additionally, they can be easily repaired if they were to get damaged over time. Our products can be attached to any surface, whether it is brick, concrete, metal fencing, and more. MonarkSports design and installation process is fairly priced, and we know we can help you!

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